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News stories: Saudi Aramco


‘Transforming Energy’ Saudi Aramco

We’ve just created a new brand film for Saudi Aramco ahead of next year's
much anticipated IPO, expected to be the biggest share offering in history,
dwarfing the $22billion raised by the Alibaba Group in 2014. ‘Transforming Energy’ was filmed on location within the Kingdom, London and Shanghai where the film was launched at a gala dinner for senior management and key partners.

Directed by Matt McConaghy with GFX created in-house at Wilder, grading by Claire Winter at Roundtable and mixing by Dom Boucher at the Sound Company.


2015 World Economic Forum ‘Where Energy Is Opportunity’

2015 World Economic Forum ‘Where Energy Is Opportunity’

Last month Wilder were invited back to 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos, to present a new film for Aramco, the world's leading oil and gas supplier. The film titled 'Where Energy Is Opportunity' highlights the challenges Aramco faces to make the natural resources already available, more efficient and sustainable for future generations.

The film was shown at a gala event alongside a presentation by the amazing Hugh Herr, Head of Biomechatronics at MIT, who discussed the future of bionic prosthetics.

Check out his truly inspirational Ted lecture here.


Saudi Aramco ‘Energy Is Opportunity’

Wilder have just delivered a major new brand film for national oil company Saudi Aramco, directed by Jason Lamotte and produced by Allon Wechsler. Focusing on the opportunities that both petroleum and petrochemicals provide us in our everyday lives and in the development of new and extraordinary technologies. The film was shot on the Arri Alexa in Cape Town, Jeddah and London and post-produced here at Wilder with a 4 man team to design, create and composite all the motion graphics.


World Economic Forum Film

World Economic Forum Film

2014 started early at Wilder with a request from one of our clients to produce a brand new film for a seminar at The World Economic Forum in Davos on January 22nd. The event titled 'The Power Of Discovery' was hosted by Saudi Aramco's CEO Khalid Al-Falih and featured a presentation by Dr Charles Elachi, who as Director of Jet Propulsion at Nasa oversaw last year’s successful 'Curiosity' Rover landing on Mars. Wilder worked closely with Saudi Aramco to produce a new script, voice-over, live-action shoot and graphics in record time to use alongside existing assets to create a bespoke film for the event. Everyone was extremely pleased with the end result and the film debuted last night to an audience of key political and financial leaders from around the world.


Saudi Aramco ‘Shaping Tomorrow’

Wilder fought off tough competition to win this pitch for a major new brand film, for arguably the world’s most valuable company, Saudi Aramco. With reserves amounting to a 5th of all the oil in the world and the 4th largest natural gas reserves, the company has a value well over double that of its closest rival Apple.

Using a combination of sophisticated SFX & stunning cinematography this new film projects into a future where Saudi Aramco, acknowledging the worlds ever growing needs, has realised its ambition to become a world-leading petrochemical as well as an Oil & Gas company.

Director:                    Robert Butcher
Producer:                  Greg Hobden
Writer:                       Peter Dunkley
DOP:                          Stuart Luck
Exec Producer:         Richard Batty




The New York Festivals Award results are out and Wilder are dead chuffed to have won three Silver World Medals. Two for Saudi Aramco 'Energy to the World' in Buisness theater and Cinematography and one for KPMG 'The Difference in Us' . Well done and congratulations to all those who worked on the films.