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News stories: UAE


A Star is Born

A Star is Born

For the last 15 months we've been filming the story of a fledgling UAE company called Yahsat as they endeavour to launch the UAE's first ever satellite in space. Their journey was epic, full of euphoric highs and crushing lows. The film, like the rocket, has been successfully launched to triumphant applause. 



Saudi Aramco ‘Energy to the World’

Saudi Aramco  ‘Energy to the World’

After many months of filming across 3 continents and editing across 3 desks, we've finally finished our brand film for Saudi Aramco, the world leader in the production of petroleum based energy. Beautifully filmed by director Simon Baker and expertly co ordinated by Producer Greg Hobden. 


UAE – 2 Gold Medals!

UAE – 2 Gold Medals!

Still from UAE EXPO Act 3 ‘Dream Journey’.

We're delighted to have won 2 gold medals at the New York Festivals Awards for UAE 'Dream Journey', a 6 minute film celebrating the UAE as a destination and shown to more than a million people at Shanghai Expo 2010. Congratulations to our clients at the National Media Council and FQC Media.